ADLINK wants to be your partner in the IoT revolution and help drive innovation with leading edge computing solutions across industries.

Edge Computing Bridges the Gap

Adding ADLINK and Intel’s intelligence at the edge breaks down data silos and enables processing where it is most effective—at the end point, network, or the cloud. Our Fog in the Factory infographic sheds light on how to overcome common efficiency barriers.

Edge Computing: Unlocking the Business Value of the IoT

A combination of edge and cloud computing is quickly becoming the accepted architecture for working with IoT data. Learn more in our special report with RT Insights.

IoT Digital eXperiments as-a-Service

The simplest way to evaluate how an IoT solution adds value: ADLINK’s DXS tests both technology and business issues, enabling cross functional leadership to validate the effectiveness of a solution’s design, strategy, organizational compatibility and financial return.

Breaking Down Barriers to the Connected Factory

Divisions between factory operations, IT, and communications personnel can hinder efforts to connect the factory. Learn how you can overcome cultural and technological gaps—and how you can achieve unified solutions that bring new efficiencies across your operations—in the webinar from ADLINK, Intel and Reuters.

Advancing Open Architecture for the Edge with OpenSled

Find out how the Open Compute Project (OCP) Telco initiative is pushing interoperable, multi-vendor architecture outside the data center to include telecom, mobile, and customer premises equipment (CPE), effectively moving this open-architecture environment beyond data center walls.